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Management Consultancy


Providing innovative business ideas customized for the clients' ever-evolving needs striving for high-quality service and cost-efficient processes

Industry 4.0 is NOW

Disruptive. Human Involvement. Convergence.Digital Era. Data Science.



To become the preferred consulting firm among local and multinational consulting firms in the Philippines and Asia-Pacific serving and caring for its customers with trust and service excellence.


Our company provides consulting services to different industries to optimize processes, maximize profits, reduce costs and minimize risks.


Companies belong to the small to medium-sized domestic and foreign businesses in the Philippines including Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Service Centers.


Our talented consultants have a wealth of experience and skillset on holistic approach to problem-solving and strategic management providing greater flexibility and economies of scale to achieve the desired results and impact to businesses.


JW-Prime Management Consultancy is in the business of imparting its strategic expertise to various business particularly on business planning and operations by:

Providing its customers with the highest standard of service in terms of delivery of the latest available technology, creating tools and services at par with its competitors allowing continuous improvement and adaptability to its customers’ needs.

Provide an array of market-differentiated services to both local and international companies that can be cost-efficient, optimize processes, maximize profits, reduce costs and minimize risks. Ensure sustained profitability and growth of the firm to attain a reasonable return on the firm’s investments for the benefit and welfare of its customers and stakeholders.

Provide our employees with a healthy working environment that promotes career growth, performance-driven recognition and personal well-being which attracts the best talents in the market. Strive to be part of nation-building by catering to the needs of local businesses that will, in turn, extend a variety of services that will help in addressing social and community concerns.




We offer project management, delivery and implementation of software development and digital marketing to companies. Other IT services include web development, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click, Online Reputation Management, Public Relations Campaign, Business Analysis, Financial Technology, Blockchain Integration, Cybersecurity Services, HRIS and Payroll Systems, E-commerce Solutions, CRM Solutions, Hologram Technology, Cloud Solutions and Mobile Apps.


We help your business focus on its core functions while we take care of performing tasks, operations and customer service surrounding the areas of back office, voice and non-voice services rendering finance and accounting, sales, technical support, customer service functions among others to both your customers and vendors.


HR Advice and Assistance limited to talent acquisition, training, performance management, organizational development, succession planning and organizational charts

Virtual Assistance and Administrative Activities

Feasibility Study (Market Feasibility, Site Analysis, Project Supply & Demand, Capacity Utilization, Financial Analysis, Competitive Advantage, Business Viability, Workforce and Technology Requirements)

Business Case (Cost-Benefit Analysis)


The deal cycle of planning, executing, controlling, and closing the work of a department or an organization in order to meet milestones at the agreed specified time that comply with all the criteria set given any type of constraint.


End-to-end process of migrating knowledge, systems, and operating capabilities between an outsourcing environment to another environment regardless of its location.


Plan assist and source tools to help an organization in meeting the required employee training and development. We also conduct speaking engagement by tapping renowned experts for your industry.


Marketing and Sales Strategy Plan limited to Logo Creation, Marketing Collaterals, Branding, Social Media Campaign and Lead Generation

Change Management Advisory limited to planning activities except Legal or HR advisory

Business Continuity Document a business continuity plan (BCP) in anticipation of any business interruption such as system downtime, high employee turn-over, emergency or disaster.

Process Improvement Identifying, analyzing and improving business processes within an organization for optimization, increased efficiency to meet quality, productivity and service level targets.

Strategic Management Plan

Contract Management


To work with suppliers or vendors of our clients to recommend quality and on time service delivery, options, negotiate terms, monitor performance and make decisions that most benefit the client.

Client Services To represent our clients in various tasks and responsibilities that manage work activities of a project and engagement of stakeholders especially managing our client's expectations.


Help startup companies in the early stages of its operations surrounding the areas of business registration, technology requirements, human resource, marketing and sales, financial budgeting, financial planning, and legal requirements.

Business Operations Set-Up includes Planning, Budgeting, Transition and Implementation limited to process operations, facilities set-up and seat utilization


Our Company

JW-Prime Management Consultancy was established in March 2019. It is a Filipino-owned sole proprietorship and a start-up business providing management consultancy services to privately-owned small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs that either intend to start or is currently doing business in the Philippines and helping them achieve their short-term to long-term business plans.

Moreover, the firm also provides strategic expertise to global corporations that intend to do business in the Philippines. The sole proprietorship, however, has a network of professionals with more than five (5) years consulting experience gained from reputable local and global consulting firms.

JW-Prime Management Consultancy has a startup human resource headcount of from 1 to 5 Junior and Senior Consultants working on a project basis. The company believes in its core values and culture which is employee, customer and community focused.

Core Values

We do business through our guiding principles




People Empowerment

Customer Value Proposition

Sustainable Returns

Social Responsibility


Why Choose Us

We believe that businesses cannot keep doing the same old thing for the world is changing and it must keep up. In JW-Prime Management Consultancy, a business can work with our:

Flexible team of professionals with multinational experience

Pricing strategy and contract terms that cater to your business needs

Reliable Technology Support

Innovative ideas on process efficiency

"Funnel Methodology" approach to business solutions


We offer management consultancy services to the following industries

  • Shared Services
  • Real Estate
  • Food & Beverage
  • Hotel & Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Technology
  • Engineering & Construction
  • BPO
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Banking
  • Media
  • Music
  • Electronics
  • Retail
  • Sports


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